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and mitt romney are expected to spar again over the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. iran will be a hot topic after "the new york times" reported u.s. and iran agreed to one-on-one talks. the white house denied a meeting is set but added it is open to one-on-one talks. >> anything diplomatically now can help the president. >> reporter: iranians denied any talks are scheduled. as the president wrapped up prep at camp david his campaign released this new ad. >> president obama ended the iraq war of the mitt romney would have left 30,000 troops there. >> reporter: romney prepared in florida where he gave this advice during a football game. >> figure out which of their players is best and take 'em out early. >> reporter: the latest poll of likely voters shows the race is a dead heat 47%, with only two weeks until election day the stakes are higher than ever. >> this debate tonight so important. >> reporter: this debate setting will be different than any other presidential debate so far both candidates will be sitting with the moderator, at a desk. brandi hitt, abc7 news. >>> b
called romney out o he made about the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya. >> the whole idea of there being a riot act. >> was that fair? >> she didn't do that to the president. she didn't fact check anything he said and said you said this and you said that. for instance, he said he would cut the deficit in half. she never challenged him on that. >> definitely one of the more talked about moments of the night. but there is plenty more to pick over between now and the next debate. reporting live, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. and there will be much more ahead on the debate on "nightline" after this newscast. and the third and final presidential debate is set for next monday, october 22nd at lynn university in boca raton, florida with a focus on foreign policy. that starts at 6:00. you can watch it live here on abc7. as the two presidential candidates argued over the terrorist attack in libya hundreds gathered at san francisco city hall to honor the ambassador who was killed there. christopher stevens grew up in piedmont and graduated from uc berkeley and ucsf hasti
responsibility for the attack in libya that claim the life of a u.s. diplomat among others. >> more americans at risk tonight. new trouble at the lab at the center of amen jits outbreak. >> and san francisco takes a shot at hosting the superbowl. all that coming up. then later on "nightline". >> the coming up next on nightline. flaming hot controversy one spicey snack food cause as fire storm in schools. why it's the war on salt that is keeping it out of kids luchlings. >> man who says he can >> man who says he can >> tonight hillary clinton is taking the blame for the security lapses during a deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in will he be why. 4 americans were killed including ambassador christopher stevens on september 11. today clinton said communication was confusing that night. last month. ultimately the security decisions were hers to make. >> i take responsibility. i'm in charge of the state department. 60,000 plus people all over the world. 275 posts. the president and the vice president certainly wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by secur
crews of oracle team u.s.a. are trying pull a 7 foot broken 10 million dollar yacht out of the -- 72 foot broken 10 million dollar yacht out of the water. katie marzullo joins us live from pier 80. >> reporter: the catamaran was towed overnight. we've been watching all morning since 7:30 this tedious protest of righting the upside down boat and getting it out of the water. last check the crew hadn't decided how they were going to do that. divers moved quietly around the ac-72 oracle team u.s.a.'s massive catamaran this morning it looked more like a submarine than a racing yacht. >> i call it destroyed in several piece. >> reporter: he's talking about the wing or fixed sail. you can see the splintered remains in this video from sky 7 hd. he wasn't on the boat but describes what happened. >> dangerous maneuver in these catamarans is go if up wind point of sail to down wind that's what the guys were doing. >> reporter: now oracle is without its biggest, fastest boat. because there is a defending america's cup champions they don't have any other competitions between now and 2013. >> hope
in japapapan n2010 he came backo the u.s. and got released by the philadelphia phillies. then in 2011 he signed a minor league contract with san francisco. and now he's become the case of the giants postseason with his third straight strong performance. >> it comes down to executing pitches and getting lucky on the ones that you don't make. they foul them off or swing through. i still think game two my stuff overall was better. but tonight i had some good mys and some good fortune. >> i am proud to put on the same jersey as that man. we needed that today. he got it going from the beginning, set the seempo early. and coming on hard with the fastball. inside and out. its unbelievable job. >> and with the fans, you know, chanting vogy, vogy, everything it took. he's just an incredible story. for that moment to be out there and to be a part of it, it's something you can't explain, can't describe, but, you know, it's one of the happiest feelings i have ever had for, you know, just to see that moment and see him succeed and pitch the way he did was great. >> so there will be game seven. first pitch a
be the world biggest producer of oil. at the current production at pace the u.s. will pass saudi arabia in 2020 as the top producer. the reason? u.s. has developed a new controversial technique called infrastructureing pumping water sand chemical natural earth and squeezes out oil. scientist say could it ruin land and endanger drinking water however it has helped the u.s. use less foreign oil. that does not mean the u.s. is free of oil import of course. this year the u.s. will produce 1 10.9 million barrels of oil a day certainly a lot. but keep in mind americans consume 18.7 million barrels of oil every day. [ bell ringing prepare [. >> tough dion wall street. dow jones tumbled today after several major company missed estimated earnings. nasdaq gave back 26 points to close below 3000 first time since early august. s&p 500 lost 20 points. more now on the losses from abc news reporter sharon tm. >>reporter: that closing bell so you knowed like the end of prize fight but there was no winner today. stock tumble across the board after series of low earnings reports from some
tonight at 4, 5 and 6:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> u.s. supreme court just finished hearing arguments over university of texas program that uses race as a factor in student admissions. hundreds gathered outside the court this morning as justic took up the bigst affirmative action case in a decade. a student sued after her college application was rejected. she says she was turned away because she is white. the university says, its policy is aimed at creating a diverse student pop . >>> he couldn't believe it, stanford -- professor stunned winning this year's nel ize inchemisy,rian kalka on the left sres the honorith robert lefkowitz. >> reporter: a press conference is not the doctor's cup of tea he's shy he says he's not comfortable with all the attention this award is bringing. he says proud to have won it. the phone call came at 2:20 this morning dr. brian kabilka answered the call in his palo alto home and told that he and robert lefkowitz had won the nobel prize for chemistry. >> i had trouble saying anything. probably more towards crying really hard to believe. >> report
as it was at the u.s. financial markets were closed today they are going to stay closed tomorrow this is the reason people are supposed to evacuate ahead of a hurricane the unpredictable ocean caught in north carolina a rogue wave knocked matt gutman and his producer off their feet. the crew of the hm bunny had to abandon ship. the coast guard has -- rescued cued 14 onboard, two are still missing. >> the two that remain unaccounted for made it off the vessel but did not make night life rafts. >> reporter: in new york the stillness that is shocking grand central center empty, stock exchange silent. authorities fear sandy could turn lower manhattan into a flood zone. mayor bloomberg and a host of east goes governors are driving hope the importance of evacuating. >> conditions are deteriorating rapidly and the window for you getting out safely is closing. >> reporter: the landscape of the presidential campaign is changing. president obama is back at the white house. he cut short a campaign trip to florida and cancelled plans to campaign tomorrow in wisconsin. the president addressed the nation over an
u.s. audience, racing in the bay while the air show go overad. and kelihood that the ants will be in tn for fir of eir ayoff game the is mo. >> tres so much happening. with the heritage festival and oracle. >> michael pace is manager of the hotel next to the convention 50,000 just for that. wednesday night, pearl jam plays their party on treasure island. it means more people in town, businesses are up, cabbies aren't complaining. >> niners have a home game. so does stanford. >> this will probably be the best week at sir atlanta system drake. >> he compares it to the a superbowl. every part of the tourist business he is gearing up to take advantage which starts off in beautiful fashion. >> it's very wonderful, yes. >> it's like this all the time here? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: having fun with the tourists and they are in for a lot of fun if they stick around this week. >> dan: we're glad they are here. we have complete guide on online to this event. go to abc7newsom and click on see it on tv for information on where to go and how to get there. there are resources to help yo
the korean war the war to resist u.s. aggression and aid korea the pulled the video from the web site. >> wha tell you we are very much in charm of the curriculum that is delivered in our classroom. >>reporter: can you be sure they are not showing video like this to your kid. >> we have all the curriculum they are delivering. >>reporter: they run by you. >> correct. >>reporter: t not worry you that they make a video like this at all. >> i don't get into politic. i'm an educator. here to educate our kids. >>reporter: critic some pop china expert and conservative in congress say what starts as a simple language program can end up as a stealth p.r. campaign for a communist government with terrible human rights record. >> you didn't want other countries propaganda your children. >>reporter: we sent our beijing correspondent gloria to the headquarters of the institute there to get a response but she was turned away. the the institute does have many prominent defender including school officials from north carolina to minnesota to college board even the u.s. state department. but
are similar to those from the white house. on syria he emphasize the u.s. needs to take a leadership role diplomatic effort first and foremost. >> i don't think there's necessity to put our military in syria at this stage. >> he sdropt different ideas. and that's because we are doing exactly what we should be doin doing. >>reporter: as expected the candidates drifted from foreign policy to the no. 1 issue on voter minds. the economy. >> america must lead. for that to happen we have to strengthen our economy here at home. can't have 23 million people struggling to get a job. >> what we also have been able to do is position ourselves so we can start rebuilding america. that's what my plan does. >>reporter: there are few undecided voters remaining. both campaigns say the majority of them are women. so tonight president obama and mitt romney tried to emphasize the domestic angle of the foreign policies to try and sway them. karen, abc news boca raton. >> well the clock really is ticking if you want to vote in november presidential election. you have 3 hours left now to register to vote
fisherman was found. >> man hunt under way after u.s. border patrol agent shot and killed near the mexican border. happened in arizona near the town of mako early this morning. second agent injured in the ambush. thd escaped unhard. agents were checki on arm tigged by sensor along the boer. fbi will send the resources into the investigation. officials believe a mexican drug cartel may involved. agent who died was 30 years old nicholas ivy from utah leaving behind a wife and 2 children. >> parents demand answer after youngirl assaued aschool. hat ty want om the distct we arn akey ece of evidencehaled to his capte. >> also. the angel fly into town in. how soon you hear the ear splitting roar. >> in southern california. meet some real life crime fighters. they are dressed for the job. more and later on "nightline". >> big fat experiment. we'll follow one human guinea pig and three-month fast-food bender. >> team explore america >> team explore america uncharted canyonc >> tonight we have learned new information about a man accused of kidnapping a 9-year-old girl from her school i
, the caribbean or other destinations outside the u.s. to ease their pain. >>> we want them to come back there, right? >> round trip good point. >> going to cool down a bit? >> yeah you don't have to it is making its way towards us hazy skies back from emeryville this morning, flags outside notice where they are blowing here in san francisco out of the west. we'll tell you how long it -- how much it is going to cool today and throughout the week. >>> this story is all the buzz. >> i am overweight, you can call me fat and yes even obese. >> everybo is buzzing about the sry. we'll expln what promed a ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron a carol cald anthem blue crosand founde medire plan that pays for some costs origin medicare won't. now theyan keep making mories for years to come. choose from plans offering protection from high out of pocket costs plus include
,000 people in the u.s. >> now participant who drvrng 3 or more cup of coffee each day were at increased risk of developing the eye disease that cap lead to blindness. researchers still detroit tiger to figure out why. >> all right. larry off tonight but rick is in. >> a lot to talk about including giants baseball of course. >> might wined autopsy bay bridge wor series. could possibly. coming up in sports. giant and a's prepare for the st season at usc off to terrible start tonight against utah. could the trojan avoid utah. could the trojan avoid the upset 3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. is. >> 16 game winner matt cain start saturday night as giants open the play offs at home against cincinnati. san francisco went through a lit work out late this afternoon at at&t park. the reds manage by bicker took the season series 4-3. ca
tech firms. the port war that the companies pose major security threat to the u.s.. year long investigation found the companies are influenced by the chinese government and the telecommunications gear they sell may be compromise. -- may be compromised. >>> ample could be gearing up for a hugeaunch of ipad mini. "wall street journal" reports the company has asked suppliers to make more than 10 million, double the number amazon ordered for the kindle fire. apple said to be planning on october 17th, launch event. >>> if you missed eventshis weekend you have thin mo anceoday. >>plus, -- ror baking mberon b area mass tr >>> on katie, is heaven real. . then at 4:00, money saving myth the best time to get biggest holiday deals. then at 5,angry birds about to enter a galax far, far way those stories and more at 4 and 5. >>> fleet week wraps up today with tours of ships from the navy, coast guard and royal canadian navy. the uss makin island is a helicopter carrier amphibious assault vessel, carries a lot of marines with aircraft and hovercraft so they can get some place in a hurry and
eats the most chocolate and has the most nobel winners. u.s. in the middle of the pack. i say we eat more chocolate. >> they are talking about good chocolate i lived on candy bars in college and i still got a c in physics. >>> clouds out there, no more showers out of here? >> no we still have a chance for that the next 48 hours or so, of course creating area of low pressure heads south away from the bay. mount tam now clouds, pretty picture 6:37 sunset and with that maybe a few sprinkles most of the moisture favoring south of san francisco, here's a look at all the layered clouds, mainly low clouds and mid level clouds, live doppler 7 hd very active the past couple of days. right now we are looking at all the cloud cover across the bay area, activity to the east of us if the central valley. thunderstorms all morning from las vegas south here we are los angeles, bakersfield, oceanside, san diego you can get the sense of the area of low pressure spinning moisture in a counterclockwise fashion this is pulling the moisture up as far north as parts of san luis obispo right now cool 57 in
including at least 10 in san francisco alone. the company will face a bankruptcy judge tomorrow. >>> u.s. california foreclosure are now at the lowest level since 2007. 5-3 5-31,000 foreclosure in third quarter of this year. that's down 13 percent compared to last year. california saw 45 percent decline in foreclosure over the last year that's the biggest did he children in the nation. >> to southern california now where the space shuttle endeavor getting ready for the final trip this will take it 12 miles down the road to museum in los angeles. this is a live picture of a shuttle white is being held in los angeles. shuttle has sat there for 3 week at the los angeles international airport in this hangar. before dawn hits the shuttle again the very complicated and slow move through the streets. streets will be closed. whole bunch of tree cut did you know and power lines have been removed or raised in some cases. the trip is expected to take two days. what an operation that is. >> my goodness what a sight that will be. a lot of rain in southern california this morning. we had a
ready for warmer >> terry: a man who served in the u.s. senate for three decades has died. arlen specter passed away this morning. republican sided with barack obama stimulus man. became a democrat in 2010. he died this morning. he was 82 years of age. >> now, your voice and your vote. a little more than three weeks until the election. on tuesday the candidates will scare off in their second face to face debate. the stakes are higher for the president who lost ground after their first face-off. karen travers shows us how the candidates are preparing. >> the contenders are gearing up for round. two romney is pressing for the debate in boston and the president is in williamsburg, virginia. >> it is going great. >> next showdown will be a townhall. the questions will come from the audience. democrats said president obama was too pass have any the first debate. campaign says that won't happen again. >> nobody is harsher critic than the president is of himself. i think he'll make adjustments on tuesday. >> rob portman has been romney's debate partner. >> she is going to come out swinging. he
. the service has been underway for two hours in philadelphia. specter was pennsylvania's longest serving u.s. senator with 30 years on capitol hill. a republican from 19822009 he switched to the democratic party and finished his senate career in 2010 he died sunday cancer he was 82. >>> new security concerns for the pakistan if i girl shot by the taliban and now being treated in england. two visitors to the hospital were stopped and questioned by british officers. police say they were well-wishers hoping to encourage malala. the taliban is vowing to find a way to kill the 14-year-old who was shot on her way home from school a week ago for promoting education for women. >>> company that manufactures apple's iphone says it has found underaged interns working illegally at one of is factories in china. foxconn says some were as young as 14. china's minimum legal working age is 16. foxconn says they were sent back-to-school. the company faced the complaint in august that students were compelled by their schools to work in the factories in china. >>> ipad mini will be launched a week from today in
the path of interstate 80 and u.s. 50. if you have travel plans, carry the chains. or just hold off on your travels. tomorrow morning, starting off with the clouds and maybe misty and drizzly. temperatures in the mid50s to the low 60s. and as we show you your afternoon readings, 73 in area. 74 for campbell. on the peninsula, 71 in san mateo and palo alto. the coastal areas are quite mild. downtown san francisco, 70 degrees. south san francisco 69. and in the north bay, it is going to be a mix of sun and clouds. mid70s santa rosa and san rafael, head out toward the east bay. a narrow range of temperatures. 72 in oakland, newark. the inland communities, it will be beautiful. 75 in livermore and danville. but certainly cooler than average for this time of year. had to's high temperatures dropped a good 5 to 20 degrees. tomorrow we will hold them before we drop more on sunday. around the monterey bay, 72 in santa cruz. we have the big game tomorrow. and check out the forecast. cal versus stanford at memorial stadium. mild and 3:00. 70 degrees and we fast-forward to sunday. can't leave these guy
was weaker than me and realized, put myself in that position. u.s. attorney for the northern district of california melinda joined the campaign today saying changes are coming. >> it's capturing everyone's heart,. >> reporter: but it's the students that are most effected by the movie. >> there is no purpose watching someone get hurt over nothing. >> to be better person and be nice to each other. bullying is not right thing to do and it should be stopped. >> cheryl: that was lyanne melendez reporting. joining us is what is being done to combat bullying. jeanie saunders, safety manager for the alameda county office of education. i just want to start quickly. you were bullied yourself? >> i was. it goes back to that experience, i can still think of the words that the students used to bully me. i talk with other adults. >> cheryl: so it lasts a long time? >> it does. >> cheryl: you are committed to this issue. what are school administrators doing? >> school administrators start by creating policies. having clear and consistent policies and procedures for bullying. it's really the best way
and realized, put myself in that position. u.s. attorney for the northern district of california melinda joined the campaign today saying changes are coming. >> it's capturing everyone's heart,. >> reporter: but it's the students that are most effected by the movie. >> there is no purpose watching someone get hurt over nothing. >> to be better person and be nice to each other. bullying is not right thing to do and it should be stopped. >> cheryl: that was lyanne melendez reporting. joining us is what is being done to combat bullying. jeanie saunders, safety manager for the alameda county office of education. i just want to start quickly. you were bullied yourself? >> i was. it goes back to that experience, i can still think of the words that the students used to bully me. i talk with other adults. >> cheryl: so it lasts a long time? >> it does. >> cheryl: you are committed to this issue. what are school administrators doing? >> school administrators start by creating policies. having clear and consistent policies and procedures for bullying. it's really the best way to start the conversation. y
. standard at citibank. >> u.s. authorities tonight cap not confirm that one of mexico most feared drug lords is dead. body believed to be his was stolen by armed men this morning. mexican marine say they gunned down alberto on monday. they say he was at a baseball game. marin confronted him and killed him. they planned to prove the death u.s. drug authorities this week however a group of armed men raided the funeral home holding the body this morning. after shot out they took off with the body. he's suspected of leading mostiolentrug cart. violent clases in greece about 200 people arrested started as peaceful protest. until few hundred people broke free throwing rock and flare at riot police. authorities fought back. protest held for the arrival of german chancellor. germany the largest contributor of greece financial bale out provided by the european union. it led to severe cuts to greece national budget. >> much more warm reception for lady gaga in iceland. there she is. dozens of fans greeted her arrival today. lady gaga awarded lennon ono grant for peace awar at ceremo
that was discussed by the candidates and the u.s. diplomat killed in libya was remembered today in san francisco. hundreds of people packed city hall to honor ambassador christopher stevens. guest speaker included representative barbara lee and former secretary of state george shuttle. they talked about how stevens helped create a positive relationship between the u.s. and the middle east. stevens family says despite his work over seas as ambassador he still had a very active role in their family. >> chris was a huge presence in our family. though he lived far away he had a lot of friend. very challenging job. he always came home and when he came home for christmas for our wedding for hilary baby shower he was really there. he wasn't text messaging. he wasn't e mailing. he was running with us. playing tennis. eating. drinking. telling stories. and extracting our stories. >>reporter: stevens has tie to the bay area graduating from uc berkeley and uc sf hastings school of law. >> oracle 72 foot america cup yacht being towed back to port after capsizing in the bay this afternoon then
voters. >>> well the presidential campaign is on track to be the costliest in u.s. history. fundraising is expected to exceed 2 billion dollars. that figure doesn't include almost 130 split by non-profit group not required to file campaign finance report. romney spent the day in ohio where poll show him running behind. no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio so it seems crucial. cincinnati romp i borrowed a lane from president obama 2008 campaign saying it's time for change in washington. >> our campaign is about big things. because we happen to believe that america faces big challenges. we recognize this is a year with a big choice and the americans want to see big changes and i'll bring it to this country. >>reporter: as for mr. obama he made a bit of history today becoming the first sitting president to cast his ballot aevrment trip home to chicago wrapped up 40 hour bottle ground state glitz. president appeared at rally in florida where he defened health care rights of women. >> i believe women are capable and should make their own health care decision
on her own. she will be released in the wild in the spring. >> u.s. interior department designated f five new land marks in california and two of them are in the bay area. one is drake's bay in marin county where sir francis drake landed more than 400 years ago. it helped solidify england as a global power. the other is the old san francisco post office and courthouse, it was built at the turn of the 20th century and interior department says it is difficult to overstate it's architectural significance. >> there is a lot more ahead tonight. a die-hard giants' fan whose business was destroyed by fire. the team steps up to the plate to a place of precious memento. >> from the bay bridge, the man that survived after the collapse when the big one hit and how the new span is so difficult. obama versus romney round two. how will the debate affect the election. >>> i brought us hold binders full of women. >> binders of women was the number one searched item on google. that was mitt romney about staffing his office in massachusetts when he was governor. issue was certainly fodder on the campaign t
is suspended at least through tomorrow. first time u.s. markets have closed due to weather since 1985. suspension affects all trading markets including the pacific stock exchange. >> an oakland based international risk management firm is warning that sandy could set insurance loss records. those losses could be in the $5-10 billion range with uninsured losses soaring to as much as $20 billion. by comparison, hurricane irene caused $4 billion in uninsured losses this year. this is considerably more damaging. potential damage is new york city, it's harbor, 90-degree angle between long island and the coast making it unusually susceptible to flooding. >> we will continue to track storm sandy as the damage mounts. we'll have continuing coverage at 11:00 plus an extended one hour edition of "nightline" at 11:35 both of those programs on abc7. spencer is watching our weather. >> whata amazing weather system. tropical system meeting a cold winter air mass. we have calm conditions here. here is a live view high definition east bay hills camera looking out over the bay on night that is mainly c
and snow over a large portion of northeastern u.s. it will continue to do so for the next couple days. rain developing in the north bay. most of the remainder of the bay area will be dry until early evening. high temperatures in the 60s up to about 70 in inland east bay. how about the giants victory parade tomorrow. most of the day will be partly sunny to mostly cloudy. temperatures from mid 50s to low 60s. parade will get under way under dry weather. seven-day forecast, it will be a wet halloween night for the entire bay area. showers lingering on thursday and drying out friday, warming up over the weekend and which you should set clocks back. >> dan: i solved the problem, i'm dressing as an umbrella whor halloween. >> we will all get under your wing. >> dan: larry beil is here for sports. >> that is news you can use. i'm going as sandoval. >> baseball season is over outside the parade and awards. man known as the man,%blñw >> dan: coming up a the 11:00, trouble in an east bay jail. lockdown is over and investigation into what happened begins. we'll have the latest on that. we told you ab
no independent problem. people from the mevr lands got sick. u.s. federal health officials say they are only in the preliminary stage of the investigation. >>> well bay area researchers are launching a prom equity that could ultimately save literally millns of women from being infected with the aids virus and delivery system puts the technology of the winds carolyn has the story. >> estimated 3000 women around the world are infected with hive every day. majority of those cases are in subject is a har app africa. now her team from memorandum lo park develop agile that cut the numbers dramatically. >> 2 part sale. apply to the site. it will stick but such a listening time at the same time 2 drug between our kids one effective and took 3. >>reporter: is to protect women from form of gele she says the gel would be effective terminated sometimes discourage use the use of condom. >> therefore you want to empower the room. give them something. ability to take it off their health. take channeling of own health. >> national institute of mental health health in july it awarded them half millio
this year's fleet week celebration in san francisco. u.s. airways captain sully sullenrger touching down after a ride with the blue angels. in 2009 he safely landed a damaged jet in new york's hudson river. he was delighted with the opportunity to meet the blue angels today and fly with them. what a rush that must have been. >>> of course, the blew angels are not the only military might you will see this weekend. heather ishimaru with a look tonight at impressive military hardware which arrived today. >> reporter: this amphibious navy craft came slashing into san francisco's ocean beach from a carrier 8 miles out. it was carrying heavy equipment that could help san francisco recover after a natural disaster or terror attack. >> this is an incredible example of the kind of activities that may have to happen and the more we practice it the more we will be ready for it. >> reporter: it was a joint army navy drill and an opportunity to remind san franciscoians that they do humanitarian mixes along with military. >> what you see here today onboard this craft is just a single demonstration but
,000 babies born with heart defect in the u.s. he have year. >> that's carolinohnson report snooing breaking news we discovered during the report. this is live picture of the bay bridge as you can see the vehicle is on fire. we think it's an suv that is burng. fairly ferociously and on the upper deck coming into san francisco. close to the fremont exit almost all the way across the bridge. shut down couple lanes of traffic right around the fire. it's really burning the vehicle utterly destroyed by the time this is over. we didn't know whether anyone was injured but heats hope everyone got out okay and it's the car that is burning. again leif picture from the bay bridge tonight. >> moving on mt romney takes adntage of ts w momeum aerast nit esidential debe. wh we comeecome re toght. yr voice yo vote. 7 ns fact check olast nature face off. plus the one thing that matters even more than the truth. also even more than the truth. also what political punditl >> we are going all the way to washington. paul ryan and i are going to getmerica on track. >> mitt romney speaking in fisherville
. >>reporter: but the wheels of government run slowly. u.s. epa rarely grants state waiver. last one granted was after hurricane katrina. because california has special restriction to ensure we have the cleanest gasoline in the world the state must sign off first. >> we have another layer of government activity that has to take place legally. >>reporter: as painful as the prices are not everyone thinks california should switch to winter blend so soon when temperatures can still be on the high side. just this week parts of the state suffered through a heat wave when summer fuel help fight off health damaging plugs. >> cleaner burning gasoline are california gasoline is a key control measure. cuts the emission that cause smog and send people to hospitals and emergency rooms. >> with the exxon mobile toerns refinery back on line supply should incree. holesale praise dropped up to 50 cents. won't be reflected at the pump until next week so expect prisons to stay hay for few more days. california needs to expand infrastructure. build more refinery. pipeline. storage. but that is not as ea
, the california air resource board won fast approval from the u.s. epa to stop requiring expensive summer blend gasoline medley. since only 3 week before the normal switch over to winter blend. the thinking was the dirty formula wouldn't affect people health too much. >> it gives the industry green light to go ahead and produce winter blend fuel and distribute it and sell it. >>reporter: it's expected to increase gasoline supply in california as much as 10%. but it will take a few more days for prices to dip at the pump because the shell refinery told us it's more complicated than flipping a switch. >> our goods lean prices have set a record high and we all are paying that. we are all upset about that no doubt. but they will be comg down but they may not coming down as rapidly as everyone wants. >> this is too little too late. >>reporter: republicans are calling for adopting one formula all year long like the federal formula. states refinery can bring in oil from other states to keep prisons competitive. they say the governor direcveill only duce pricebya small amnt. it'so laing soluti
for the u.s. embassy was gunned down on his way to work. officials in yemen say the unidentified man was assassinated by a gun man riding a motorcycle in the capitol here. victim worked for the embassy for nearly 20 years. officials are saying the attack bare the hall mark of al qaeda. >>> tonight obama administration is going to extraordinary lengths to target a street gang. administration has listed ms 13 of central american street gang as international criminal organization. that designation allows federal agents to seize assets associated with the gang. the gang is believed to have as many as 10,000 members across the united states. in san francisco the gang is based at 20th and mission. ms 13 is considered one of the world most dangerous and violent gangs. it is known for being especially violent and responsible for many, many murders. >>> well, more than one in 5 adults in the united states has a tattoo but recent out brick off tattoo related infor example cause for concern these days. michael with some important safety advice before getting inked. >>reporter: david b
but none of it is weapon grade. experts say the u.s. would likely no well in advance if iran tried to enrich it for use in nuclear bomb. but all of this back and forth over who facts to believe is not what will decide the election. says abc 7 news political analyst bruce cain. believes voters moved by what's ahead. >> decided on which vision of how to proceed going forward is the one that the american public wants. so it's the facts have to be marshall under a larger theme. i think both sides need to do that better than they have so far. >>reporter: professor cain think that is both the president and governor romney need to do a better job of articulating that vision and what happened in the vice-presidential debate just up the stake for the next presidential debate. in the newsroom, 7 news. >>> debate moderated by abc news reporter martha so what could she see that we could not see from home? >> i think one of the things about being at that table it's so intimate so when joe biden is smiling or when joe is raising his voice a bit it's really in your face. it was really in p
work. the incredibly early start to theiender gap. stay with >> the u.s. justice department is suing bank of america for $1 billion for mortgage fraud. federal prosecutors say the countrywide financial group fueled the morning crisis, using high-speed transactions to process defective fannie and freddie loans. it is the first time the justice department has file aid civil suit over bad federally-backed mortgages. well, not only is there a gender gap in salaries paid to women t. begins 1 year after women get out of college. according to the american association of university women, the women one year out of school are making 18% less than men in similar fields. that's unexchange -- unchanged from 10 years ago and applies to jobs across the board. the differences occur whether the boss is a man or a woman. >> here's a wild one, a truck and a bus collide in western pennsylvania. but police are not citing the drivers because there were none. a parked bus rolled down a hill, rear-ended the parked truck and the truck rolled down and flipped over. the bus kept rolling, shearing off one util
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